Perpetuating Self-Inflicted Misery

Didn’t go to Katsucon. I’m sort of still looking for full time employment unfortunately (someone hire me, please, seriously, i’m a freaking hard worker why won’t anyone give me a freakin’ chance.) Anyways, due to that and money and a convention later this year that I KNOW I’m going to (cause i’ve already payed for stuff for it) I was unable to attend Katsu. 

It sucks ‘cause i’m still super interested and want to improve in my cosplays and skill sets but I have to be so careful with my money and save what little I get from temping. 

None the less I will be making new costumes this year and hopefully will be able to get some pictures. I FINALLY got a normal digital camera so I’ll actually be able to easily take WIP pics! :D I’m super excited about that.

Sorry for the decided lack of content but hopefully once I get a job and am living on my own I’ll be able to indulge my hobby without feeling guilty about it.

Thinking ahead…

Trying to make plans for Katsucon and I was pretty sure I was going to wear Ms.Paint again and not make any new costumes. I will be potentially sitting in artist alley to help out a friend though so such a large costume isn’t really the best idea.

I thought I had a good plan for a new costume too, I loved the character and one of their outfits and would have been able to pull off an awesome gender-bend but cultural appropriation and the costume design is actually pretty kinda really actually offensive. -sigh-

So now I’m just kind of completely reassessing my lineup. Also noting that YES Zatanna (comic book version) will be returning and making an appearance. Although depending on what happens concerning costumes I may be wearing her Friday rather than Saturday. 

Why is convention planning so difficult?

Zatanna Young Justice Season 2 outfit
Cosplay made and modeled by me
Photography by oftensaid

Zatanna Young Justice Season 2 outfit

Cosplay made and modeled by me

Photography by oftensaid

Zatanna Young Justice Season 2 outfit
Cosplay made and modeled by me
Photography by oftensaid

Zatanna Young Justice Season 2 outfit

Cosplay made and modeled by me

Photography by oftensaid


clearly updating them as a set isn’t ever going to work so I’m just going to put up single picture posts from here on probably and that way I’ll be able to be more active and also show some of my older ones. augh.

why is figuring out how to run a cosplay blog so difficult?!

Post Con.

I think this is the first time I’ve completely CRASHED after a con. Regardless though I got some great shots of my Zatanna cosplay and I can’t wait to share with you guys.

Unfortunately for now, work beckons. 


Apparently my group is driving up at 6.30am so I’ve got about four hours to sleep.

Friday I’ll be wearing Jade Harley’s Eclectica outfit and getting some pics of it (I honestly have no idea where the first pics are.)

I also might be walking around as a hooded figure from “Welcome to Night Vale” at night!! :D

Saturday I’ll be dressed as Zatanna from Season 2 of Young Justice!

and Sunday I’ll be parading about as my normal hideously gorgeous self. :)

Hope to see you around the con!!!

Nine Days

I haven’t actually STARTED making Zatanna yet, and in nine days I need her to take to Otakon. I’ll be making her Young Justice season 2 outfit, or at least trying to. If I can remember to post wips I will. I really should try to post more here, pictures I mean, I just need to remember to take them. I have a few costumes that I don’t have any documentation for actually. :(

I’ll have to make sure I try harder… for now I think I’ll just focus my efforts on making Zatanna’s outfit though!!



I’d just like to say, Bear is like the best fem Sherlock ever. I’m just going to say that. She is THE. female version of Sherlock Holmes. JUST LOOK AT HER.

omg she’s super gorgeous i’m just saying. That photo of her is not shopped. nope. no photoshop for that gorgeous face.

I took the photo of Bear, and then Bear took the photo of my self trying to be Joan Watson. Ah well. at least our height difference works.

I had different shoes for Joan, but I changed out of them because PAIN.

DC Sakura Matsuri, 2012!!

AND we managed to find a fem Moriarty. That just kinda made our day yeah.

Hey look! It’s me and Pearl respectively. I have weird cheekbones, people often mistake them for bruises because they’re so distinct but not prominent because I have a wide lower jaw. (My mom has frequently thought my cheekbones were bruises.)

Speaking of bruises, I have a slight black eye here, thank god for makeup! You can’t tell at all! :D


There aren’t that many of you but all the more important to let you guys know what’s going on.

Judging from the notes my various posts on this blog have gotten I’ve made the decision to transition it into a fundamentally cosplay blog. Which it kind of already is, but none the less I’m making it official!

I’ll be trying to get some more pics up, I have some old ones that I just need to go through, and I’m changing my username and might be adding an actual icon picture.

I will be changing my username. 

This account was formerly “bear-the-art-and-writes-bear”.

I will let you guys know if anything else changes but hopefully expect more pics, wips, etc.